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  • 1L per sec.
  • Filtered exhaust.
  • supplied with a check-valved 6mm hosetail barb fitted.
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Voltage 220v/50Hz 110v/60Hz
Free air displacement 1 L/S, 2.2 CFM 2.6 CFM
Ultimate Vacuum 5 Pa 5Pa
75 microns 75 microns
Motor 120W 120W
rotating speed 1440rpm 1720rpm
oil capacity 250ml 250ml


These pumps can be used for regular vacuum bagging, or resin infusion!

Note, oil filled style pumps provide the best vacuum level, however they do require greater attention too keep them happy and living a long healthy life.  First of all they can get hot, this heat can cause the pump to fail. To avoid this, oil filled pumps are best turned off after the vacuum is pulled. Simply pull a vacuum and then turn the pump off. If the vacuum bag looses pressure, the first thing to do is fix the leak! If running the pump for an extended period of time is unavoidable, please add one of our vacuum cutout switches into the setup.

They also run much better under full vacuum than they do pumping air. An easy technique to prolong the life of your pump is simply push air out of the bag first using your hands, before connecting the pump to finish the job. While pumping air they will use a small amount of oil, this is normal and unavoidable, The latest generation of pumps comes with a new exhaust system to greatly reduce the amount of oil vapor, it is extremely effective, so much so that new users may not even notice the effects of pumping air! However trying to avoid pumping air remains the best method for using this style of pump.

If you are looking for a pump to run all day every day, a dry vane pump is what you need. We don’t currently offer a dry vane as they are unable to reach the required vacuum level for resin infusion.

None of the above should scare you off trying these pumps, they are fantastic value for money, and keeping the above steps in mind you will see many many years of reliable service!

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm

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