Tow is the thread that is used to weave fabrics.

It is also used as a product in its own right, and is most commonly used to wrap joints that require strength, others use it in filament winding, and it can also be used for localized uni directional strength in a layup.

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  • 3k Carbon Tow 1kg ‘Tairyfil’

    $229.27 inc GST
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  • 6k Carbon Tow 2kg ‘Baowu’

    $243.58 inc GST
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  • 12k Carbon Tow 4kg ‘Baowu’

    $292.74 inc GST
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  • 24k Carbon Tow 8kg ‘Tansome’

    $976.58 inc GST
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  • Chopped Carbon 12k 1kg

    $74.75$91.04 inc GST
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  • 1000dex Kevlar Tow 9kg

    $826.66 inc GST
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