Solid Carbon Fiber Plate

Carbon fiber plates are manufactured from high strength carbon fiber prepreg using a heat press! Core layers consist of 12k unidirectional carbon, with a surface weave of 3k twill, then finished in a beautiful gloss on both sides of the plate.

These plates are widely used in Robotics, RC models, UAV’s, aerospace, motorsports, marine and many more.

We also offer a CNC service to cut shapes from these plates!

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  • Custom Shape cutting

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  • Carbon fiber plate 1000mm x 500mm

    $272.98$343.44 inc GST
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  • 700mm x 300mm x 2mm plate

    $192.50 inc GST
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  • Carbon fiber plate 500mm x 500mm

    $84.89$342.43 inc GST
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