Play with carbon’s NEW WEBSITE!!


To all the returning customers, you may be a little surprised when you visited over the last week, it may be obvious, but we are doing a fairly major update of the website. Over the next few weeks we hope to have this all looking great and performing much better than the old site.

To all the new customers out there, please bare with us! We know it doesn’t look perfect just yet, but give us a little more time 🙂

The site is fully functional for anyone looking to purchase right now!

Over the next few weeks there will be upgrades to: brand image, all product listings, shipping, photos, and build your own kits, with the aim of making the site easier to use, with more accurate shipping, and providing much better room for future growth within the workings of the site.

We will also be adding a workshop section to the site, It is important to note that we do not own the equipment or software involved. We work closely with a local engineering company which gives our customers access to very high quality machines, including mazak cnc equipment, and autodesk design software, at excellent prices. These are NOT toys!

3d printing will also be added, this IS owned by play with carbon. The printer is an atum 3d, it is a bottom up style dlp printer, which means very accurate prints with minimal step size. It also prints an entire layer at a time! which mean much faster prints.

We hope for all the work to be completed withing the next 2 weeks, there will not be no taking the site down for maintenance, everything should work in fine so that the everyday running of the site remains unaffected.

Thankyou for taking the time to read through this 🙂 and now its back to business as usual.

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