Mould Release Agents

Mould release agent is a critical part of the composites industry, and choosing the correct system is important to your success.

A standard mould release system comprises of first the use of a mould release wax, then followed by a film of pva. It is a robust system that is widely used in the industry. It is a safe release method and rarely fails. Many people favor this system because they can physically see the barrier!

A more advanced system called a semi-permanent mould release gives (as its name suggests) multiple releases per application. The amount of releases depends upon the shape of the part, the flatter part the more releases you will get before having to re-apply. The downside is cost, semi permanent is expensive, and typically it also has a shelf life of around 12 months. However the upside is that it is an incredibly thin layer that it easy to apply (instructions must be followed) and you wont have to many problems getting that perfect surface finish that everybody craves!

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  • Miracle gloss – Maximum no.8 2.0 mold release wax

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  • PVA Release Agent 5L

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