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High performance laminating resin. Used in wet layup, and regular vacuum bagging.

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Designed for laminating, R240 resin and hardeners produce stronger, stiffer laminates than conventional general purpose epoxy systems. Excellent mechanical properties are produced in carbon fiber, kevlar and fiberglass laminates.

R240 is available with a choice of hardeners to offer a variety in pot-life and working times as a room temperature laminating system.

  • Solvent Free
  • Medium/Low Viscosity
  • Room or Low Temperature Cure
  • Not suitable for resin infusion.

Mix ratio: 100 parts resin to 25 parts hardener by weight.

Download Data Sheet here

Additional information

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Pack Size

5kg, 22.5kg

Hardener choice

Fast H126, Med H160, None

Hardener comparison

H126 H160
Mix Ratio (weight) 100 parts resin to 25 parts hardener 100 parts resin to 25 parts hardener
Mixed Viscosity (larger number is thicker) 880 mPas 600 mPas
Pot Life (100g @25 deg C) 20 mins 35 mins
De-mould time 5 hours 12 hours
Ultimate heat distortion temperature (After post cure) 95 deg C 82 deg C
Shore D hardness (larger number is harder) 82 82


Download Data Sheet here