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Ultra low viscosity resin. Formulated for the vacuum infusion process.

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A very low viscosity epoxy resin suitable for most infusion processes.

The low viscosity enhances the fibre wetting, enabling the production of high strength, void free laminates that have excellent moisture resistance.

Mix ratio: 100 parts resin to 25 parts hardener by weight.

Download Data Sheet here

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Pack Size

5kg, 22.5kg

Hardener Choice

Post cure only H103, Room temp cure H120

Hardener comparison

H103 H120
Mix Ratio (Weight) 100 parts resin to 25 parts hardener 100 parts resin to 25 parts hardener
Mixed Viscosity (larger number is thicker) 220 mPas 240 mPas
Pot Life (100g @25 deg C) 145 mins 75 mins
De-mould time NA NA
Ultimate heat distortion temperature (After post cure) 96 deg C 75 deg C
Shore D hardness (larger number is harder) 85 84


Download Data Sheet here