Fillers and additives

Fillers and additives are used to expand the versatility of your epoxy resin.

Fillers work brilliantly too alter the consistency of the epoxy resin for use in specific applications. For example, standard laminating resins can be modified to turn into high density Adhesives, through too low density Fairing and filling compounds, or anything in between!

Once cured, high density mixtures such as west 413, are hard to sand, and are suitable for structural bonding and hardware bonding.

Low density mixtures such as west 410, are easy to sand, and can be used for surface applications that require smoothing and shaping.

Additives posses the ability too alter the physical properties of epoxy when used as a coating. Additives such as pigments can be added to change the colour, or some graphite powder can be added to increase the abrasion resistance.