Carbon Fiber tubes and rods

Rollwrapped tubes: Manufactured on a metal mandrel wrapped with both woven and unidirectional prepreg, before being cured at a high temperature. Rollwrapped tubes provide uniform strength in multiple directions, as well as coming with a beautiful woven carbon appearance.

Pulltruded tubes and rods: Manufactured by pulling continuous strands through a die. As the strands are pulled through, they are coated in resin. Once they exit the die, the resin is cured at high speed. They can be cut at virtually any length, we keep 1m and 2m lengths in stock. This manufacturing process means that all the fibers are running along the shaft in one direction. These work best under tension, and some bending load.

Common applications: Aerospace, Arrows, Robotics, Bikes, Kayak paddles, RC models and many more.