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Dowaksa A-42 12k carbon fabric.

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12k carbon 4 Harness Satin 1m wide.

  • 4HS weave
  • Dowaksa A-42 fabric
  • 1m wide
  • 660g per sq/m
  • 0.67mm thick

12k fabric is a much easier way to build thickness in your laminate. The problem with heavier fabrics is that they physically cant bend the way the lighter fabrics can. To compensate for the extra thickness of the 12k, we keep it in the 4 Harness Satin weave.

This weave goes: over 3, under 1, which makes it a looser weave than the much more common twill. Which helps the fabric conform to shapes easier.

Bulk savings are calculated into the different length’s, so the more you buy, the more you save!

Shipping size and weight can be seen on the ‘Additional information’ tab, but be sure to select the material length first.

Fiber properties can be seen on the fiber details tab.

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